Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bear Bones 200 entries are now open.

That's right on-line entries for the Bear Bones 200 are now open. Nip across to the main site and get signed up, it'll either be the best or worst thing you've done all year!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bear Bones 200 entries (nearly) open!

Well we're nearly ready to unleash the Bear Bones 200. All being well you should be able to enter on-line sometime late next week.

The route is just being finalised ... don't expect easy.

The food has been decided upon ... yum yum.

The finishers 'awards' have been designed ... In years to come people will pay hundreds for these, just so they can pretend they were there!

I'm also not making any promises about the weather, it is October after all ... but saying that the WRT's in May!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Register and win!

For anyone who doesn't know Bear Bones Bikepacking has a forum

Everyone who is registered on it by the end of August will be entered into a draw where they'll stand the chance of winning something worth winning. If you're already registered then carry on, if you're not, pop across get signed up (hey you could even join in) and cross your fingers.

The winning name will be posted here and on the blog ... I'll also contact the winner via email.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My name is Norm and I'm a hole spotter.

So that's my little secret out in the open ... everytime I'm out riding I find myself drawn to staring at the hills and mountain sides looking for natural cover to sleep under. Caves, overhangs and cairns can all make fantastic sheltered spots. Some stuff is just big enough to keep you out of the worst of the weather, while others have enough space to host a party ... keep your eyes open and you never know what you'll turn up, bus shelters however don't count!

Two at a squeeze with sea views.

Someone was comfy here before you were!

Nice and snug for one.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Leave no trace?

A few weeks ago I happened to be out riding and smelt smoke. The fact I was riding through one of the largest forests in Wales gave me cause for a little concern. I poked my head through the trees and found that someone had set up camp in the trees. No harm done, so I continued on my merry way.

Fast forward a fortnight and I found myself riding past the same spot so decided to take a little look at the campsite ... you never know, it might come in handy one day. I pushed through the trees and was greeted with total mess ... leave no trace was obviously something these people had never heard!

A little bit of paradise!

There was litter strewn all over the place, the fire was full of tin cans (when will people realise tin cans don't burn) and the remnants of their camping kit adorned the forest floor ... fold out chairs, a groundsheet, clothing, all abandoned!

Whilst tidying up I started to think about why there was so much kit left behind (these happy campers had arrived and departed by car) and I wondered if it was something to do with the price of kit. If you've spent £200 on a tent then logic says you're likely to look after it but if the tent cost £25 you might not be too concerned. The big outdoor stores all sell 'camping sets' at stupidly low prices, sleeping bags for a tenner, mats for £15, etc. Combine cheap prices with a 'everything is disposable' mindset and the results are inevitable ... perhaps it's time for a tax on cheap gear or at least a little investment in educating people?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cheap, strong, light ... pick 3.

Have you ever thought how great it would be to take mans best friend along on your next trip? ... well now you can!

I spotted this the other day and thought it deserved a picture. The dog seemed to be guarding the shopping ... well I assume it was because it was sat on it. I have to say the box didn't look too steady, it was held on with a single bungee, not that the dog seemed bothered!

Perhaps this is the start of a whole new bikepacking trend. Out goes ultralite and in comes ultracheap ... you never know!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Bear Bones 200 Scouting.

The pictures below were taken at places which may (or may not) make up part of the Bear Bones 200 route. They were taken over two consecutive days ... the first day was slightly damper than the second, I'm sure you'll be able to guess which are which. I'll add a full trip report to the main site later this week fingers crossed.

There really is a track here, it's not just in my imagination.

First night bivvy spot ... 9.15pm, 535 metres and still climbing.

You could quite easily be in the land of Hobbits!

7.15 am ... an hour of riding, pushing and dragging delivered this view.